Monday, August 15, 2011

Kids' rooms you don't want to leave

It seems that fantasy of interior design is inversely proportional to the growth of the host. I'm telling you, it's hard to find anything near that fun, fresh and original for adults. Well, maybe some fancy hotels got some sort of that vibe. So, may it be that we lose the appetite for fun with aging? No, it can't be that for sure. It's probably the conspiracy of the design world... :) It's them who decided that we all have similar looking couches and televisions, that we have to go out by the door and have to go to sleep in beds :) Well... maybe it's time to make your home a little more upside down for a change :) Good luck

Photo by New House of Art

Photos by Babble
Photo by A list baby
Photo by Cici Crib

Photos by House Design Decorating
Photo by Digs Digs
Photo by Growing Your Baby
Photo by HGTV
Photo by naBuzz
Photo by Project Wedding
Photo by via House

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