Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As seen in Tetris

It turns out that you can cram lumber stacked like in Tetris game. Well great news... I think I will arrange my basement this way :) For now, this is admittedly only an idea of artist Michael Johansson, but it's quite possible that in some time we will have to accommodate in much smaller living spaces then we do today. So you may want to practice downsizing right now. I bet the Ikea experts will solve the 5-meter future studio owner dilemmas as first.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beware! High Wow Factor

All visitors of luminaria built by Architects of Air are enchanted. What a brilliant idea, inflatable pvc castles made in different colours plus the variability of the weather guarantee the unusual views and unusual emotions. Children go wild, adults meditate, all do pictures. Not often we deal with colour on such monumental scale. Why actually?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Go bold or go home!

It's a fact, we really are fed up with minimalism now. Nothing seems to look more boring nowadays than blank walls in the ascetic interiors. Good news then... We should all go to the max and surround ourselves with absolutely everything that falls into our hands. This is the end of timid decisions and faded views. I bet this translates into life moves too. Still, it's difficult not to get overwhelm with stimulation when the color of your wall is screaming and your floor ornaments say more, more, more. Let's go and get it this season then, it's beneficial for sure :)

Photos by Distro Architecture

Photos by Interiors by Jaima
Photo by Home Design Ideas

Photos by Manolo for the Home
Photo by Home Design

Photos by Absolutely Beautiful Things

Photos by Adore Magazine

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