Friday, February 10, 2012

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Skype

The best companies owe their success to their employees. Cliché, but true. Therefore workers in the best companies work in the best possible conditions. These conditions mostly differ from the cliché far enough. Creativity in fact hates routine, monotony and standardization. And people want fun, adventure and relax.

GOOGLE London. Photos by De Zeen
GOOGLE. Photo by Flavor Wire
GOOGLE. Photos by Apartment Therapy
HOK London. Photo by Office Envy
RED BULL London. Photo by Income Diary
THINKGARDEN Milan. Photo by Office Envy
CORUS QUAY Toronto, Canada. Photo by Income Diary
ZAPPOS Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Income Diary
YOU TUBE San Bruno, California. Photo by Income Diary
COMVERT Milan, Italy. Photo by Income Diary
DREAMHOST La Brea, California. Photo by Income Diary
SALGAS CANO Madrid. Photo by Income Diary
MISSING LINK Johannesburg
MISSING LINK Johannesburg
MISSING LINK Johannesburg. Photos by Ideate
SKYPE Stockholm
SKYPE Stockholm. Photos by De Zeen
AOL Palo Alto
AOL Palo Alto. Photos by De Zeen
FACEBOOK Palo Alto, California. 
FACEBOOK Palo Alto, California. 
FACEBOOK Palo Alto, California. Photos by Apartment Therapy
FACEBOOK. Photo by Apartment Therapy
ETSY New York
ETSY New York
ETSY New York. Photos by Apartment Therapy
LEGO Denmark
LEGO Denmark. Photos by Apartment Therapy


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