Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Punk's not dead

Not in the design world. What was punk rock in the music history, now is street art in design trends - rebellion. Unless... it's just another styling, among thousands of others. Let the descendants evaluate, as usual. Anyway, it went through the typical path, as a strange, incomprehensible and utterly useless to anyone pseudo art, to a powerful artistic and social mainstream. As far as I remember it was the same with Impressionism, Cubism, and every other -ism in thick volumes of art history. It all just begins this way. To be appreciated by a mass audience every fresh idea must simply go, in rather slow pace, through acceptance of modern art establishment, galleries and art critics until it possibly lends in museums. Now it's the time we witness some kind of a graffiti frenzy. Big art dealers sell it and buy it for a big money. It eventually became the voice of our generation. You can even buy yourself a lamp shade painted with graffiti nowadays. The authority of the mass media did work again, now we all love street art and we all want to have it.

Photo by Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Photos by Culture Climax

Photo by Braxton and Yancey

Photo by Cinque Collective

Photo by Kounter-Kulture

Photos by Design Float
Photo by Roweandesigne

Photo by Eye Beam

Photo by Give it to me raw

Photo by Pro-Decorating

Photo by Jimmie Martin

Photo by Scoop

Photo by The age

Photos by Trend Hunter
Photo by Pro-Decorating

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