Thursday, November 27, 2014

Decorations that were once alive

Controversial but also extremely beautiful. For all no meat-eaters like me ... moving ... to tears. It can be kind of a relic ... organic and mysterious ... transcending death. And probably this mystery and the power of nature draws us to them in the first place. We want to watch them and contemplate them again, forgetting that at the same time we propel the death machine. In fact, even the term decorations does not seem to be adequate here with its elusive seasonality. Well, see for yourself.

Photos by Archi Expo
Photo by Passion Decor
Photo by Ryan Ford
Photo by Flickr

Monday, November 17, 2014

Go Optical

THIS FITS: Optic - vinyl wall sticker -, 1 - Kayak sideboard, 2 - Labyrinth chair -, 3 - Wasty bin, 4 - pillow -, 5 - Labyrinth sideboard

Collage by YeYe Shop

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Massive rock home decor

Do you like organic home decor brought straight from the forest? If so, you should not limit yourself to only a small-scale objects, a true nature lover deserves to enjoy it's wonderful creations in full ... scale. So instead of a handful of pebbles - a full size rock, instead of a twig - the whole tree. Well, I know not every home size allows this kind of big projects. However, if you are just in the planning stages of your own house, this handful of inspiration is just for you.

Photos by Micha Home
Photo by Trendir
Photo by SP Faust
Photo by Technogadzet
Photo by 1 Love Store
Photo by CU Hosted
Photo by Homedit
Photo by Homedsgn
Photo by Interior Design 2014

Photos by SP Faust
Photo by Trendir
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Apartment Therapy
Photo by Cafelab
Photo by Busy Boo
Photo by High Fashion Home

Photos by Arch Inspire

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Go Street Art

THIS FITS: Freak - vinyl wall sticker -, 1 - pillow, 2 - Canyon speakers -, 3 - skateboard -, 4 - Graffiti chair -, 5 - laptop sticker -, 6 - netbook bag, 7 - reebok-keith-haring sneakers -

Collage by YeYe Shop

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