Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sleeping on the Pontiac sofa

Fans of certain brands of cars dream about furnishing their apartments in the same style as their cars. After all it's not that silly dream. Or, to be able to transform their worn but still gorgeous car in a neat sofa or a chair or at least bedside lamp. Isn't it great? Well... it actually can be done! Probably, these furniture are not cheap ones but the splendor and fantastic old car design has no price.

Photo by Top Design Interior
Photo by Jake Chop Shop via Bed Zine
Photo by Elite Choice

Photos by Top Design Interior
Photo by Vlane

Photos by Dark Roasted Blend
Photo by Design Buzz
Photo by Fabulous Furniture

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The time when toys are not necessarily fun

A brilliant example of what may be the effects of art and industry collaboration. Two German artists plus the technology of vinyl toys mass production and we get the characters from an alternate reality, a nice, smooth and full of emotional tension. Available at Art Toys Stores in 28 countries. Photos come from the COARSE.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to resuscitate dead cuckoos

None of my friends would ever hanged a cuckoo clock on their wall. Disgrace... Unless when you're over sixty... The fact is, cuckoos are absolutely out of fashion. But not for long as we can see. It turns out that they can be successfully resuscitated and even radiate the coolest ever vibe. Some Stefan Strumbel personally did it proving to us all that it really is possible to redesign such an old forgotten piece of junk. Unfortunately I do not know if his clocks will go into mass production or hibernate as piece of art in empty galleries. Well... they are simply awesome and I'd love to buy one as soon as possible.

Photos by Stefan Strumbel
Photo by Trendland
Photo by We are Design Bureau
Photo by The trend boutique
Photo by Chroma Dubai

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