Thursday, July 14, 2011

Typography rules inside

Among the interior design trends, typography for a long time now, has a large fan base. Lettering, which was previously regarded as an interesting supplement in home decor, now becomes the main motive that gives character, often literally, describing the philosophy of the hosts. For now not only the single letters are set on the shelves as trinkets, but all the words and lyrics are used and very often in bold sizes. This way communication goes to the new dimension. I will definitely write on the wall in my bathroom YOU LOOK GORGEOUS BABE. In case I forgot :)

Photo by We made this
Photo by Kelsey Mauch Design
Photo by Image Spark
Photo by Design of house
Photo by Simply decoration
Photo by The tiny factory
Photo by fuck yeah book arts
Photo by Kelsey Mauch Design

1 comment:

  1. Typografia jest super, mi się bardzo podobają hasła, wmontowane w obrazy. COs w tym stylu
    Proste a jakie pomocne!


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