Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wow Chalkboard Paint

Finally all your brilliant ideas you can easily chalk up on chalkboard painted surface and have them before your eyes daily. Finally all the ugly walls or furniture can be just painted and used in new graphic way. Finally you can scribble happily whole day and rejuvenate for a few decades ... This is the final chalkboard home revolution ...

Photo by Lost In Decoration
Photo by Indulgy
Photo by Junk Garden Girl

Photos by Lost In Decoration
Photo by Urban Comfort
Photo by Archi Things
Photo by Apartment Therapy
Photo by Urban Comfort
Photo by LA Mag
Photo by Layla Grayce
Photo by Martha Stewart
Photo by Out of Love
Photo by The Handmade Home
Photo by Indulgy
Photo by Brooklyn Bride
Photo by Urban Comfort
Photo by Fave Crafts

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gypsy, Vintage, Boho, Glam

Mix Baroque with Art Deco, put all this on five contrasting colors, hang several draped curtains and crystal chandeliers. Use plenty of lace and trimmings. All blank spaces cover with carpets or molding. On the wall hang some deconstruction art or eventually a mirror ... Depending on the proportions, this will do you good or not ...

Photo by Baba Yaga NYC
Photo by Jinx In The Sky

Photos by Koh Samui
Photo by Do You Love Where You Live
Photo by Jinx In The Sky

Photos by Unique Vintage Reviews
Photo by Heart Fire At Home
Photo by American Gypsy Living
Photo by Sensual Decadence
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Sensual Decadence
Photo by 97 Sullivan
Photo by Dying Of Cute

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Balcony Bonanza

Fortunately, the balcony was invented ... What a relief for all the city dwellers without a budget for a detached house. It even turns out that the oasis of greenery, you can create yourself actually regardless of the space size. What matters here, however is the size of owner's invention.

Photo by Lower Oak Lawn
Photo by Parkdale Ave.
Photo by The Small Garden

Photos by Parkdale Ave.
Photo by Green Gardenista
Photo by Alice Gordenker
Photo by Cky Scraper
Photo by Neil Alan
Photo by Homes Design
Photo by The Small Garden
Photo by EAD Living

Photos by Apartment Therapy
Photo by Blue Feather Media

Photos by Ei Ei Home
Photo by Networx
Photo by Style North
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