Friday, April 20, 2012

Look gorgeous on your bike

Motorcycle Clothing has fortunately more and more to do with fashion. Besides the obvious qualities of safety, design will be the factor which determine what we spend our money on. And best if this turbo chic could yet add some power and dynamics.

Photos by Motographite
Photo by Production Paradise

Photos by Motographite

Photos by BMW Motorcycle Magazine
Photo by Alpinestars
Photo by Cascade Moto
Photo by Squidoo
Photo by Sunent
Photo by Web Bike World
Photo by Who Sells It
Photo by PRLOG
Photo by Icon 1000
Photo by 54KA
Photo by Cuenta Mujer
Photo by Freshness Mag
Photo by I Wish I Had This
Photo by Motorcycle
Photo by Stromtrooper

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ivy, Luxury, Class

If you want to transform the most boring building in the world into a scenic location, the easiest and relatively inexpensive option is to plant ivy. It will take four to five years to grow out all over the mid-size house. Better yet, avoid it to happen and trim the vines regularly, so as not to lose control over them. The loss of flawless facade otherwise must be reconciled in this case.

Photos by Pinterest
Photo by Business Insider
Photo by Cococozy
Photo by Henne
Photo by Love, the looking glass
Photo by Home-Designing
Photo by My Design Chic

Photos by Chic Little Blog
Photo by Curbed
Photo by Living in Williamsburg, Virginia
Photo by A Cup of Jo
Photo by Love, the looking glass

Photos by Pinterest

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Glam Punk

Rebel clothing for the well-paid angry men. Aesthetics belonging into the fashion industry mainstream from some time now, thus having little in common with the authenticity of punk rebellion. Mohawks perfectly cropped and dyed, designer's ragged clothes and spikes from the jeweler. The ideal alternative for all the earners, avoiding staid chic.

Photos by Style at Home
Photo by On This Day in Fashion
Photo by Silvia SLS
Photo by Refinery 29
Photo by Fellisa
Photo by Become Gorgeous

Photos by Joan King
Photo by Los Angeles Times

Photos by Charles of London
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