Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cappuccino heaven

How nice could it be to live in the cafeteria... Ingenuity of interior designs in coffee premises is second to none. Of course general impression should rather be relaxing and provoking existential divagations between lazy sips of coffee... Although most coffee raises blood pressure, cafes seem to be the absolutely stress free places. What's interesting, philosophy hovering over a cup of espresso assumed that the problems of life no longer exist. Brown liquid helps to celebrate everything and anything. Everything you're going through with a cup of coffee in your hand becomes a luxury... I'm going to make myself another cup...

Photos by Cafe Kultur Berlin
Photo by Jeffrey Burk
Photo by Trend Blast
Photo by Londonist
Photo by XES

New London style

In London one can learn a lot about design... in most cases that the older the better. Vintage, of course is still extremely popular. Starting from the old decor, shoes, watches and china, going to cars, bikes and even weddings. But the real sense of luxury provide only Victorian-Edwardian interiors and architecture, still wonderfully pervasive there. Of course, for the nowadays connoisseur of styles, the historical legacy should be adapted to modern culture, best soaked with gothic-punk references and slightly emotional perversion. Then it loses it's antiquarian virginity what attracts even more. Photos come from the collection of House of Hackney.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things are thoughts

Items we love the most, tell us wonderful things about ourselves. We are happy to become part of this narrative, told to us by the furniture and interiors. If the aesthetics of Zen minimalism led us into contemplation and relaxation, it is likely that after years of exposure to such limited stimuli, we want something totally opposite. I mean unfettered splendor of colors and textures but also something more ... Fairytale... Fantasy... Children's land... Designed of course for the needs of adults... I think that the kings and queens of life live just like that. Italian design of Alta Moda is something I'd love to surround myself with these days. More at

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