Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sneakerhead sneak peek

Wearing the same pair of sneakers for 7 days straight is offensive. You keep your shoes looking new by minimizing their mileage so rotation helps. You got em’ early, often camping outside the store for midnight releases. You build your killer kicks collection showing your individuality, style, and taste. You simply belong to a culture movement of sneaker connoisseurs where design has the power to unite all ages, races, and genders.

Photo by Sneakers.Collected
Photo by LeBron 10 Shoes
Photo by LeBron 10 Shoes
Photo by Sneaker News
Photo by The Detroit Zuu
Photo by Kicks Deals
Photo by Sole Theory
Photo by LeBron 10 Shoes
Photo by Sneaker Report
Photo by Dsicle
Photo by LeBron 10 Shoes

Photos by Mash Kulture

Photo by Refined Guy
Photo by I am John Lai
Photo by Concrete Loop

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