Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Furniture for Gru's house

If you're a fan of Gru's interiors  - the main character of Despicable Me movie, you as well may be interested in the fact that the furniture we could see there, in fact - extremely similar to them, really do exist. They were designed by Spanish artist Maximo Riera. It's The Animal Chair Collection, formed with 3D printing out of polyurethane and also with steel and leather. Each copy needs nine weeks of 30 people's work to produce: 170 hours of machine work and 160 hours of human labour to make this babies get together. This is a limited edition furniture collection, with the exception that only 20 copies may be produced. Each piece of furniture receives a certificate of authenticity signed by the author himself. This mix of baroque seats with full-size or monstrously oversized animals give an incredible surreal effect, which can be properly exposed probably only in a museum like space. And probably only such institutions can afford the expense of about 35-95 thousand pounds apiece. Or maybe there is some eccentric millionaire among you guys ...  free delivery by the way :)

Photo by Despicable Me
Photo by Maximo Riera
Photo by Maximo Riera

Photos by Maximo Riera

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