Monday, January 5, 2015

Office 2015

Interior design trends loved by all of us (I mean: industrial, rawness, nature, steampunk, black) are widely applied in office interiors as well. And because of bigger spaces and budgets available, you can often come across a really original solutions in such places. If you just plan to expand your own business this year and thinking about your new office, here are some examples we have collected of fresh office interiors. And by the way, you don't need to flabbergast your customers with super expensive chairs and tables. Now what you really need is coolness, fun and radical approach.

Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Office Snapshots
Photo by Het-erf goed

Photos by eOffice
Photo by No Wasted Ink
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Freshhome
Photo by iPaintCritters

Photos by Retail Design Blog
Photo by Alkemie
Photo by Arch Daily
Photo by Design Boom
Photo by Need Supply
Photo by Camille Styles
Photo by Office Snapshots
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Iwamoto Scott
Photo by iSpace Design
Photo by Office Design Gallery
Photo by Flickr

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