Saturday, May 24, 2014

The ever so hot Martinique palms

First tropical palm leaves became popular in Beverly Hills Hotel. Then this glamourous wallpaper pattern appeared in fashion magazines and on models. Then everywhere else including upholstery, fabrics, bags, lampshades, shoes etc. The famous wallpaper name is Martinique Banana Leaves and it was designed especially for the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1942. You can still buy the wallpaper online at Designer Wallcoverings & Fabrics.

Photo by The Decorista
Photo by Small Shop Studio
Photo by Vivid Hue Home
Photo by Kiki's
Photo by Hello Boudreau
Photo by Kiki's
Photo by The Decorista
Photo by The Glam Pad
Photo by Wave Avenue
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Thank You for Being Sophisticated
Photo by The Decorista
Photo by Pinterest

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