Friday, February 28, 2014

Cool Britannia

Cool Britannia is a pun on the title of British patriotic song "Rule Britannia!". The term refers to the 90's, when due to a significant increase in satisfaction, the patriotic pride of the British soared. Trend inspired by the culture of the 60's, developed also thanks to the global popularity of Britpop. Placing everywhere a flag of the United Kingdom known as the Union Jack became extremely popular. It also went to the interior design where it stays as a symbol of freedom, punkrock and all the best from UK.

Photos by Oklej go
Photo by Macs London
Photo by Confetti
Photo by Pinterest
Photo by Design Addict Mom
Photos by Macs London
Photo by Interior Designipedia
Photo by Willow and Hall
Photo by Home Designing
Photo by Macs London
Photo by Provincial
Photo by The Design Sheppard
Photo by Interior Designipedia
Photo by Design Addict Mom
Photo by Pinterest

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