Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sticks My Love

If you prune trees in your garden each spring, instead of getting rid of the resulting pile of branches, reuse them. They are usually quite soft and flexible so easily subject to bending. Out of a pile of sticks you can create really unique garden designs. Fences, gazebos, pergolas, kid's houses, shelters, gates and, last but not least, abstract sculptures ... such as those of Patrick Daugherty. Time to roll up our sleeves guys :)

Photo by Stickwork
Photo by Homesthetics
Photo by Pasadena Neighborhoods
Photo by Pat Bullen-Whatling Gallery
Photo by Art Becomes You
Photo by Christina Odell
Photo by The Collegian
Photo by Jackson Hole
Photo by The Design Files
Photo by Bunny Guinness
Photo by The Garden Aesthetic
Photo by Earth Wrights
Photo by Dudley

Photos by Villa Ursinus
Photo by Relax Hacks
Photo by Canadian Gardening
Photo by JPR Environmental
Photo by Piere d'Orsan

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