Thursday, November 17, 2011

Diamonds are rapper's best friends

Bling bling is the ostentatious hip-hop jewelry, designed to dazzle wealth. Size of course matters. Lil Jon's chain "CRUNK AIN'T DEAD" with over three thousand diamonds went to the Guinness Book in 2007 as the largest diamond necklace. Apparently, the trend gradually weakens because of the recession, there are also voices that some pieces are fake. 50 Cent already quit jewelry because, he claims, does not have to prove that he's successful anymore. Those who still have to, most often unintentionally do it in funny way :)

Photos by New Gucci Mane
Photo by Fashion Bomb Daily
Photo by Infected Tube

Photos by Rap News Center
Photo by Wendyista
Photo by Thug Laws
Photo by Bastard Piece Theatre
Photo by Fashion Bomb Daily

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